Author of over 60 books, adult and juvenile, fiction and nonfiction, Carlson has received three ALA Notable Book Awards, the Christopher Award, the ForeWord Book of the Year Award, YALSA Nomination Quick Picks for Young Adults, New York Public Library Best Books for Teens, VOYA Honor Book.. She writes science, psychology, dialogue and meditation books for young adults, and general adult nonfiction. Among her titles are The Mountain of Truth (ALA Notable Book), Girls Are Equal Too ( ALA Notable Book), Where’s Your Head?: Psychology for Teenagers (Christopher Award, New York Public Library Best Books List), Stop the Pain: Teen Meditations (New York Public Library Best Books List), In and Out of Your Mind: Teen Science (International Book of the Month Club, New York Public Library Best Books List), Talk: Teen Art of Communication, Wildlife Care for Birds and Mammals, Stop the Pain: Adult Meditations. Carlson has lived and taught in the Far East: India, Indonesia, China, Japan. She teaches writing here and abroad during part of each year.
Past Director of Developmental Disabilities at The Kennedy Center for the Mentally Disabled, at West Haven Community House, Hannah Carlson is author of Living with Disabilities, and The Courage to Lead: Start Your Own Support Group—Mental Illnesses and Addictions. She is former Senior Therapist and Vocational Counselor/Evaluator at Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University Medical Center. She has lectured and taught in her field of the developmentally and traumatically disabled, and is several times published in the international journals “Brain Injury,” and in the “Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling.” She holds a Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology and a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University. Carlson is a past Director of the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, Behavioral Health Specialist for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services. Currently, she is Senior Director of Dungarvin’s Day and Residential Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.
Gold-medal physicist, professor of physics, mathematics, and computer science, Kishore Khairnar worked with the Electronic & Engineering Company in Mumbai, before creating his own NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Company to provide engineering inspection services to industries all over India. He then joined the Krishnamurti Foundation India. He taught sixth to twelfth grade physics, electronics, and mathematics at the Rajghat Education Centre, organized dialogues and international gatherings for the study of the great philosopher Krishnamurti's teachings. As Chief Archivist at Rajghat in India and Brockwood in England, he worked at creating and computerizing the complete published works of Krishnamurti. He is publisher of the first Indian language translation of Krishnamurti's life, and of several English collections of the teachings in India.

Khairnar is coeditor with Dale Carlson of the American edition of What Are You Doing With Your Life?, the first Krishnamurti collection of teachings for teenagers. He is also the editor of Bick Publishing's In and Out of Your Mind, and The Teen Brain Book, and is the author of its upcoming book Talk to Each Other: The Art of Dialogue for Adults and Young Adults. He and his wife, poet and music critic Professor Kalyani Inamder, live in Pune at the Sahyadri Krishnamurti Study Centre where he continues to publish, edit, and conduct dialogues.
Regarded internationally as one of the great philosophers and educators of our time, J. Krishnamurti spoke to young people all over the world and founded schools in California, England, and India. For over sixty years, he traveled the world, engaging in dialogues with heads of state, scientists, religious leaders, professors, brain experts, and published more than fifty books translated into as many different languages. Krishnamurti's legacy is profoundly significant to young people and adults in our modern world as we struggle to rise above old traditions of fear, greed, and violence and try to find out what it means to be compassionate and free.
  Nathalie Lewis
Nathalie Lewis first earned a B.F.A. in Fine arts from Laval University in Quebec, Canada. She then went on to pursue advanced studies in Anthropology and worked in Archeology for the city of Quebec for several years. She now lives in New England where she is pursuing her career as a free lance illustrator.
ann maurer   Ann Maurer
As senior editor, Ann Maurer worked for over 30 years for a successful literary agent identifying authors of books worthy of publication. She worked closely with the authors to prepare their books for submission to publishers. The books she edited were published by, among others, Simon and Schuster, Fawcett, Zebra and Forge. She now works exclusively for Bick Publishing as Director Editorial.
Carol has illustrated over two hundred books for children and young adults for Random House, Golden Press, Atheneum, Dutton, Scholastic and others, as well as for Bick Publishing House. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Good Housekeeping, and Mademoiselle and is included in the Mazza Galleria Collection of illustration. She has won awards from ALA, the Christophers, and The American Institute of Graphic Arts. She lives in Connecticut with her Very Best Friend and her cat, Scooter.
jen payne  

Jen Payne is the Vice President, Director of Production and Marketing for Bick Publishing House, and the owner of Words by Jen, a graphic design and marketing firm founded in 1993 in Branford, Connecticut. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in English and Journalism, and has worked in the related fields of public relations, newspaper editing and production, book design, graphic design and printing. In addition to her full-time work as a graphic designer, Jen is a writer, artist, and author of the blog Random Acts of Writing.

Irene Ruth has been a wildlife rehabilitator for twelve years. She holds four licenses: State Wildlife Rehabilitation License; Special Purpose Migratory Bird; Class C. Exhibitor's; State Rabies Vector Species. She is the founder and director of Suburban Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and has served on the board of directors of several local and national wildlife rehabilitation centers. Irene recently wrote the book Wildlife Care Basics for Veterinary Hospitals: Before the Rehabilitator Arrives.
greg sammons  

Greg Sammons
Greg Sammons is a Regional Addy Award-winning commercial artist; award-winning book cover designer; fitness instructional video producer/writer/editor for the Institute of Human Performance's Juan Carlos Santana (one of the top ten gyms in the country and one of the top 100 personal trainers); Commercial/Alternative/Specialty music tastemaker/editor for U.N.C.L.E. Promotion's "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" ["K.K.B.B."] weekly ezine; and a Web marketing development consultant.

Scientist and award-winning dramatist, with a degree from Worcester Polytech Institute, Teasdale's interest in physics has led her, not to the stars, but to the more immediately practical fields of microchip quality control and solar panels for heating and for cooking, most particularly their use in technology-deprived communities. She is also an experienced science writing editor, and is currently the Senior Science Editor for Bick Publishing House. She makes her home in Carlisle, Massachusetts, with her husband 'black belt' computer expert Dan Carlson, and their sons, Sam and Malcolm. 



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