Young Adult Manual of
Mental Illness and Recovery

ALA Notable Book Author
Dale Carlson and
Dr. Michael Bower

Mental Illnesses • Personality Disorders
Learning Problems • Intellectual Disabilities
Diagnosis • Treatment And Recovery

• What is mental illness?
• What are the symptoms?
• Do you need help?
• How to find the right help.
• Take responsibility for yourself.
• Psychoses: Mood Disorders
• Anxiety: Personality Disorders
• Addictions
• Sex Disorders
• Learning Disabilities
• Intellectual Disabilities

Recovery: Treatments, Therapies, Medications, Support Groups Self-Tests, Dictionary, Resources, Websites, Organizations

"I had just started reading OUT OF ORDER: YOUNG ADULT MANUAL OF MENTAL ILLNESS AND RECOVERY when the most recent school shooting tragedy in Colorado occurred, which ultimately left one innocent student mortally wounded, and another student dead by his own hand. Dale Carlson's newest title for young adults is desperately needed in all school and public libraries so that teens can begin to understand mental illness and the potential for recovery not only in themselves, but in those around them. Each chapter includes a focused personal account on a topic--addiction, psychoses, suicide, for example--and sections two, three, and four provide self-test questions, a mental disorders dictionary, and hotlines respectively. An excellent bibliography and resource directory round out this critical work. Carlson, an ALA Notable Book Author, can really speak to teens, making this examination of mental health issues highly accessible, approachable, and relatable for its intended audience. Co-author Dr. Michael Bower (Center for Change, New Haven, CT), is past clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale's School of Medicine and provides valuable advice on counseling options, and Christopher Award illustrator Carol Nicklaus produces images as vivid as the anxieties and concerns that teens experience."

Dodie Ownes, School Library Editor, Goodreads

“All human beings occasionally suffer from some type of mental issue or negative feeling, such as sadness, anxiety, doubt, or grief. As these thoughts or feelings increase in severity, they may impair the ability to carry out ordinary tasks or develop interpersonal relationships. Research indicates that one in five teens suffers from a developmental, behavioral, or emotional problem. Carlson and Bower’s Out of Order: Young Adult Manual of Mental Illness and Recovery offers practical, nonjudgmental guidance for troubled young people to identify, treat, and prevent mental problems. The authors’ calm, reassuring narrative discusses the types of psychoses, including mood disorders, addictions, and learning disabilities, as well as the entire spectrum of treatment options, from traditional and nontraditional therapies to medications. Throughout, the authors reiterate overarching themes of the universality of mental illnesses and the need and right of teens to identify and seek help for these problems. Personal stories, screening tests, a dictionary of mental disorders, and a list of hotlines and resources add greatly to the volume’s effectiveness. In addition, Nicklaus’s illustrations are both quirky and thought provoking. Beautifully blending careful research and a caring and compassionate tone, this work is a necessary purchase for all collections serving adolescents and should be required reading for anyone working with young people. The volume should serve as a model for self-help books.”

—Jamie Hansen, VOYA Magazine

“I think Out of Order: Teen Manual for Mental Illness and Recovery will be of great service to teenagers. I see it as a ‘go-to’ book for therapists and hospitals serving young adults, as well as for parents and teachers involved with troubled teens. The self-tests and mental health disorders dictionary are pure gold.”

Dr. Michael Bower, Ed. D., Psychotherapist

“I particularly like the way Dale Carlson has organized this book on teen mental illness and recovery, starting with the general explanation of teen mental illnesses, moving into more specific categories. Out of Order is full of anecdotes, lists of symptoms and signs, examples, definitions, and references to further information and treatment. I like the way Carlson describes how all people have many of these characteristics to some extent, so that young adults like myself do not feel so lost and crazy. Her personal knowledge of mental illness and her honesty set this book apart.

Melissa Toni, 22, Young Adult Editor, Bick Publishing House

Illustrations, Index, Resources;
256 pages. Print and eBook.

Print ISBN: 978-1-884158-37-7
ePub ISBN: 978-1-884158-40-7
ePDF ISBN: 978-1-884158-43-8




By ALA Notable Book Author Dale Carlson
Pictures by Christopher Awarded Carol Nicklaus

  • What is love?
  • What love is not.
  • Why is love necessary, why separation makes us anxious? Is there security in relationship?
  • Love and sex differences for males and females
  • Loneliness, attraction, disappointment, boredom, failure: LGBTQ.
  • Love, living together, and marriage: turning love into lifelong relationships.
  • Love in friendship, love and parents, teachers, bosses, your Self, and other authorities.
  • Love: the Universe and Meditation.

Illustrations, Young Adult Reading List, Websites, Index




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