Wildlife Care  

Wildlife Care For Birds And Mammals
7-Volume Basic Manuals Wildlife Rehabilitation

by Irene Ruth and Dale Carlson
Illustrations, Index, Resources

• Safe step-by-step text, pictures

• For backyard rehabilitators, rehabilitation centers, parents, teachers, librarians

• Initial care, first aid, habitat design, formulas, diets, basic rehabilitation, and release.

I Found A Baby Bird, What Do I Do?
I Found A Baby Duck, What Do I Do?
I Found A Baby Opossum, What Do I Do?
I Found A Baby Rabbit, What Do I Do?
I Found A Baby Raccoon, What Do I Do?
I Found A Baby Squirrel, What Do I Do?
First Aid For Wildlife

"Informative...ethical...wonderful illustrating...a good introduction to rehabilitation...."
-- Gail Buhl, wildlife biologist, National Wildlife Rehabilitation Quarterly

Illustrations, Index, Resources
288 Pages, $59.70
ISBN: 978-1-884158-16-2

  First Aid for Wildlife
Basic Manuals Wildlife Rehabilitation

Irene Ruth, Director Suburban Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Illustrations by Hope M. Douglas

• The Rescue and Rescue Kit

• Home, Car, and First Aid Supplies

• Problem Checklist, Physical Examination: What Can Be Wrong

• Emergency Situations and Treatment, Stabilization

• Handling and Release: Orphan Care; Captive Diet; Captive Housing; Release Techniques and Sites

• Euthanasia: Kindness: Grief

• Make Life Easier for Wildlife

• Appendix, References, Recommended Manuals

"Responsible, instructional handbook for wildlife care in the immediate stabilization of rescued wildlife, emergency first aid treatment, appropriate food, habitat design, and basic rehabilitation and release techniques."
-- R. Aller, DVM

Illustration, Index.
64 pages, $9.95
ISBN: 978-1-884158-14-8



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