Teen/YA Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Meditation

ADDICTION: The Brain Disease
by Dale Carlson and Hannah Carlson, M.Ed., LPC
Pictures by Carol Nicklaus

  • What is addiction?
  • Addiction to substances
  • Addiction to behaviors
  • Addiction to the Self
  • Treatment and Recovery
  • Glossary of Addictions and Meanings

“Challenges readers to make them think.” – Voice of Youth Advocates

“Addiction: The Brain Disease breaks down the stigma regarding the nature of addiction. The raw truth regarding the physical, social, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction, as well as help and recovery, are presented medically and through personal stories. This book unlocks the door of hope to any suffering from the disease of addiction to substances and/or behaviors. Carlson covers every base from medical neuroscientific information to self-tests to solutions in recovery.” – Jason DeFrancesco, Young Adult Editor, Yale-New Haven

Illustrations, Index, Resources, Self-Screening Tests, Help Telephone Numbers, Websites

224 pages, $14.95
Print ISBN978-1-884158-35-3
ePub ISBN: 978-1-884158-38-4
ePDF ISBN: 978-1-884158-41-4

By Dale Carlson
Illustrations by Carol Nicklaus

Teen guide to the new science of evolutionary psychology. We have evolved from reptile to mammal to human. Can we mutate, evolve into humane?

  • Evolution has equipped us, not for happiness, but for survival and reproduction of the species
  • To survive, we are programmed for fear and pain: every one of us had ancestors who managed to survive, mate, and pass on the best adapted programs for staying alive
  • Our brain programs, hardware and software, have already conquered every other species: we’ve won, we can stop fighting
  • It’s time to pay attention to our psychological welfare as well as our technology

“Humans tend to view themselves as separate from the rest of the species and life on Earth, instead of connected. However, humans have the ability to reprogram their thinking. Humanity will be responsible for its own next psychological evolutionary step by the choices it makes. The book…focuses on the brain as it relates to teen issues such as loneliness, aggression, and sex.” – School Library Journal

“Carlson examines the new science of evolutionary psychology, explaining the psychology of early man as it relates to human action today. The objective is to show how we can evolve further into human creatures who actually take and give joy in our lives…Evolutionary aspects of the fear system, aggression and anger, evil, sex, lust and human bonding are discussed, as well as how aspects of each emotion might be changed to result in more humane behavior…The objective of the book, to make teens recognize the source of their emotions and that they can control and even change them, is admirable.” – Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)

“…reminds us that we…are not alone. Everyone suffers—and everyone can do something about it.” – Meghan Ownbey, Teen Editor

ForeWord Book of the Year
Illustrations, Index.
224 pages, $14.95,
ISBN: 978-1-884158-33-9

From the Big Bang to Your Consciousness
By Dale Carlson
Edited by Kishore Khairnar, Physicist
Illustrations by Nathalie Lewis

Graphic Teen Guide to modern science relates science to teenager’s world.

  • Our minds, our bodies, our world, our universe-where they came from, how they work, and how desperately we need to understand them to make our own decisions about our own lives.
  • Teen guide to modern science
  • Physics (no equations except for E-mc2)
  • Natural history, physical laws of the universe and our Earth
  • Evolution and origin of life, DNA and genomics
  • Brain and body, intelligence-human, artificial, cosmic
  • Dictionary of science terms
  • Websites and links for all sciences
  • Teacher’s Guide and questions

Cosmic Calendar: Big Bang to Your Consciousness is the Graphic Edition of the award-winning In and Out of Your Mind: Teen Science, Human Bites, a New York Public Library Best Books for Teens.

“Overview of the origin of the universe…brain, body, genes, sex, consciousness and intelligence…Carlson makes readers comfortable with her probing tone…accurate and informative…good addition science collections, good choice teen readers.” – Dodie Ownes, School Library Journal, goodreads.com

“Contemplating the connectivity of the universe, atoms, physics, and other scientific wonders…heady stuff. Carlson delves into the mysteries of Earth, and outer and inner space in an approachable way.”  – School Library Journal

“Challenges…readers with questions to make them think about the environment, humankind’s place in the world…how ordinary people can help change things for the better.”  – Voice of Youth Advocates

Independent Publishers Book Award
Illustrations, Index, Websites,
Bibliography, Teacher’s Guide
160 pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-884158-34-6

Girls Are Equal Too
The Teenage Girl’s How-to-Survive Book
by Dale Carlson, Hannah Carlson, M.Ed., C.R.C.
Pictures by Carol Nicklaus

  • The female in our society: how to change.
  • Girls growing up, in school, with boys
  • Sex and relationships
  • What to do about men, work, marriage, our culture: the fight for survival.

“Well-documented and written with intelligence, spunk and wit.” — The New York Times Book Review

“Spirited, chatty, and polemical….” — Publishers Weekly

ALA Notable Book
YA. Illustrations, Index
256 Pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-884158-18-6

In and Out of Your Mind
Teen Science: Human Bites
by Dale Carlson
Edited by Kishore Khairnar, M.S. Physics
Pictures by Carol Nicklaus

Our minds, our bodies, our world, our universe—where they came from, how they work.

“Heady stuff.” — School Library Journal

“Dale Carlson is deeply committed to opening up young minds, and her psychological-scientific wisdom makes this a sophisticated survey that is very easy to read…Carlson grapples intelligently and passionately with such difficult topics as drugs, science, ethics, ecology, and the physical universe.” –The Book Reader

International Book of the Month
New York Public Library Best Books 2003
Science/Young Adult
Illustration, Index
256 pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-881458-27-8

Young Adult Manual of Mental Illness and Recovery
ALA Notable Book Author Dale Carlson and Dr. Michael Bower

Mental Illnesses • Personality Disorders
Learning Problems • Intellectual Disabilities
Diagnosis • Treatment and Recovery

  • What is mental illness?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Do you need help?
  • How to find the right help.
  • Take responsibility for yourself.
  • Psychoses: Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety: Personality Disorders
  • Addictions
  • Sex Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Recovery: Treatments, Therapies, Medications, Support Groups Self-Tests, Dictionary, Resources, Websites, Organizations

“I think Out of Order: Teen Manual for Mental Illness and Recovery will be of great service to teenagers. I see it as a ‘go-to’ book for therapists and hospitals serving young adults, as well as for parents and teachers involved with troubled teens. The self-tests and mental health disorders dictionary are pure gold.” — Dr. Michael Bower, Ed. D., Psychotherapist

“I particularly like the way Dale Carlson has organized this book on teen mental illness and recovery, starting with the general explanation of teen mental illnesses, moving into more specific categories. Out of Order is full of anecdotes, lists of symptoms and signs, examples, definitions, and references to further information and treatment. I like the way Carlson describes how all people have many of these characteristics to some extent, so that young adults like myself do not feel so lost and crazy. Her personal knowledge of mental illness and her honesty set this book apart.” — Melissa Toni, 22, Young Adult Editor, Bick Publishing House

Illustrations, Index, Resources;
256 pages. Print and eBook.
Print ISBN: 978-1-884158-37-7
ePub ISBN: 978-1-884158-40-7
ePDF ISBN: 978-1-884158-43-8

Relationships To Oneself, To Others, To the World
By J. Krishnamurti
Edited by Dale Carlson and R.E. Mark Lee

  • What is relationship?
  • To friends, family, teachers
  • In love, sex, marriage
  • To work, money, government, society, nature
  • Culture, country, the world, God, the universe

Time Magazine named Krishnamurti, “one of the five saints of the 20th century.”

Illustrations, Index.
288 Pages, $14.95

Stop The Pain: Teen Meditations
by Dale Carlson and Hannah Carlson, M.Ed., C.R.C.
Pictures by Carol Nicklaus

Teens have their own ability for physical and mental meditation to end psychological pain.

  • What is meditation: many ways
  • When, where, with whom to meditate
  • National directory of resources, centers

“Much good advice is contained in these pages.” — School Library Journal

New York Public Library Best Books 2000
Independent Publishers Book Award
YA. Illustrations, Index
224 pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-884158-23-0

TALK: Teen Art of Communication
By Dale Carlson
Foreword by Kishore Khairnar, Dialogue Director

Close, powerful relationships are based on communication: Humans are wired for talk…communication must be learned

Teen Guide to Dialogue and Communication

  • How to talk to yourself
  • To others
  • To parents, teachers, bosses
  • To sisters and brothers
  • To your best friend
  • To groups
  • To people you don’t like
  • To the universe

“Wonderfully consistent quality read for young adults.” — Jim Cox, The Midwest Book Review

ForeWord Book of the Year
Illustrations, 192 pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-884158-32-2

The Teen Brain Book
Who and What Are You?
by Dale Carlson
edited by Nancy Teasdale, M.S. Physics
pictures by Carol Nicklaus

  • First brain science book for teens
  • How the teen brain develops, how the brain circuits work
  • Genetic & environmental influences shape the “self”
  • How to rewire yourself to be happy

“Thought-provoking, very highly recommended for teens and young adults.” — The Midwest Book Review

ForeWord Book of the Year
Science/Psychology/Young Adult
Illustrations, Index
Illustrations, Index, 256 pages,
$14.95, ISBN: 978-1-884158-29-2

What Are You Doing with Your Life?
Books on Living for Teenagers
J. Krishnamurti
Edited by Dale Carlson and Kishore Khairnar, M.S. Physics
Drawings by Carol Nicklaus

Teen relationships to self, others, to sex, marriage, money, work, family, society, the world.

The Dalai Lama calls Krishnamurti “one of the greatest thinkers of the age.” Time magazine named Krishnamurti, along with Mother Teresa, “one of the five saints of the 20th century.”

“Presented clearly and evocatively, high school readers who have cut their spiritual and philosophical teeth on the Chicken Soup series will find this book a richer and more complex stew.” — Voice of Youth Advocates Book Review

YA. Illustrations, Index
288 Pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-888004-24-3

Where’s Your Head?
Psychology for Teenagers
by Dale Carlson and Hannah Carlson, M.Ed., C.R.C.
Pictures by Carol Nicklaus

  • Behaviors, feelings, personality formation
  • Parents, peers, drugs, sex, violence
  • Joys of relationship, friends, skills
  • Insight, meditation, therapy

“Practical focus on psychological survival skills….” — Publishers Weekly

“A readable introduction to psychology for junior and senior high school.” — School Library Journal

YA Christopher Award Book
New York Public Library
Best Books 2000
YA. Illustrations, Index
320 Pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-884158-19-3

Who Said What?
Philosophy Quotes for Teens
by Dale Carlson
pictures by Carol Nicklaus

Add your wisdom to the wisdom of the ages-develop your own personal philosophy.

“Famous and insightful quotations…deftly organized so that…topics can be compared…Evocative, thought-provoking…highly recommended for teens and young adults.” –The Midwest Book Review

VOYA Nonfiction Honor Book 2003
Philadelphia School Librarians
Association YA Top 40
YALSA 2005 Quick
Picks for Young Adults
Philosophy/Young Adult
Illustrations, Index
224 pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-884158-28-5

A Practical Manual to Understand Oneself
ALA Notable Book Author Dale Carlson
and Kishore Khairnar M.Sc.

  • Teen Practical Manual to Understand Oneself: Self-Knowledge is the Basis for Relationship and the End of Human Loneliness
  • This is a teen/young adult guide to understanding one’s own thoughts and feelings—not according to others’ authority or opinions
  • Learn how the source of suffering is your own self in its fears and desires AND HOW TO END THE LONELINESS AND PAIN.
  • Self-understanding techniques
  • See that you share an evolutionary, biological, and species history with all human beings, as well as your own family, cultural, and personal history.
  • Some of your heritage you may want to keep and some change— here’s how to change!

“I’ve been a fan of Dale Carlson’s books for years, and her latest, Understand Your Self, leaves no doubt that this author knows how to write for teens about what is going on in their lives and brains. She deftly walks readers through the concepts of self, and self-awareness (which you’ll discover are quite different!) and then proceeds to help teens relate these to their everyday actions at home, school, work, their relationships and communication. As the mother of a teenager, I truly appreciate Carlson’s observations of adult influences on their children’s behaviors, expectations, and ability to relate to the world around them, making this manual not only highly recommended for teens, but also for those that care about them. Carol Nicklaus’ delightfully simple illustrations punctuate the fine points with humor and affection. A bibliography, list of additional reading resources, websites, and index are included. Appropriate for ages 12 and up, Understand Your Self should be on all school and public library shelves.”— Dodie Ownes, MLS Editor, SLJ Teen

“I would like to congratulate you for the book. The meticulous study of the formation of a self and its suffering, and the exercises given at the end of each chapter make Understand Your Self a practical manual for the understanding of oneself.” — Kishore Khairnar, M. Sc., Director, Krishnamurti Education Trust

“Dale Carlson is able to demonstrate the psychological structure of the self using easy to understand language, so that it becomes clear the self is an illusion created by thought and not a reality. Carlson’s book demonstrates that human culture and education have perpetuated the idea of the separate self, and how much psychological pain it causes ourselves and each other when the self is not properly understood. Understanding the self, our selves, may be the most important task we have as members of the human race.” — Kenneth Teel, M.S.W. Housing Provider for the Homeless

Independent Publishers Book Award
Illustrations, Index, Resources, Websites
192 pages, $14.95
Print ISBN: 978-1-884158-36-0
ePub ISBN: 978-1-884158-39-1
ePDF ISBN: 978-1-884158-42-1